Bonfire night blues

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A pallet pool operator is calling on people to stop burning pallets on bonfire night.

“Every November, the supply chain becomes the target of ambitious bonfire builders as they scour distribution centres, warehouses and shops for used pallets,” according to LPR.

Managing director Jane Gorick said: “As a precision-engineered and expensive piece of kit we expect to receive a certain lifecycle from each pallet – if they end up on the bonfire then we must purchase another pallet and this cost has to be passed on, which is not great at a time when costs are being closely monitored.”

It is estimated that there are around 90 million pallets in the UK..

“Pallets are the packhorse of the FMCG sector – trying to move hundreds of thousands of products everyday without them would be impossible. We need to make sure that pallets fulfil their potential – seeing them go up in smoke is neither financially or environmentally responsible,” she said.



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