Knapp highlights technology integration

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Knapp has highlighted a number of technologies working seamlessly together including an OSR 32 storage system with a new-style ergonomic picking station, the ultra-fast Speeder-System ASRS, an A-frame autopicker and various picking solutions including voice-directed picking and RF systems.

Visitors at a customer event at the group’s headquarters near Graz, Austria also enjoyed a visit to Knapp’s 3D cinema, in which a joystick-controlled flight can be taken around a simulated state-of-the-art warehouse packed with Knapp systems.

Senior managers from Knapp presented the group’s key warehouse concepts at the present time. These include the universal shuttle and the error-free warehouse. The universal shuttle concept is based on minimising the number of different technologies used around the warehouse.

Knapp’s latest development, the KiSoft Vision optically guided picking system, was the star of the show.

This order picking technology was previewed at CeMAT last year. It guides pickers to each required pick location using special software that superimposes virtual information – such as arrow symbols – directly in the visual field of the operator via a head-mounted display.


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