Trakm8 makes the connection

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Trakm8, manufacturer of fleet management system, has developed a way to connect its fleet management system to a vehicle’s CANbus allowing live data from the engine management system to be viewed at base.

This data can give accurate engine and emissions data and communicates pending or actual fault codes before the vehicle has even returned to the fleet workshop. By monitoring driver behaviour, gear usage, acceleration, harsh braking, fuel usage, CO2 emissions and vehicle fault codes, the Trakm8 fleet management solution is able to reduce overall costs of running your vehicle fleet and also improve driver safety.

Fuel theft can also be a problem with some fleets, so electronic monitoring of the fuel volume before and after a journey can help to deter unauthorised losses.

Th company said that monitoring driver behaviour and the associated re-education, invariably has a beneficial impact on fuel efficiency which is of paramount importance with current increasing fuel prices. In addition, poor driving behaviour could be putting vehicles, third parties and employees, all at risk. Monitoring CANbus data can also give a true analysis as to the vehicle efficiency as a whole and enable comparison to establish the most efficient vehicle deployment.

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