NFT runs first double-deck trailer

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NFT has launched a bespoke temperature-controlled double-deck trailer for time critical food logistics.

The first trailer of the new fleet completed its first journey this week from NFT’s flagship depot in Daventry, distributing sandwiches to Marks & Spencer on behalf of Uniq.

In has been estimated that food miles per sandwich delivered will be slashed by more than 30 per cent.

The concept was first developed nine months ago and has seen the company invest some £1 million to date.

Anthony Quinn, logistics manager at Uniq and the first customer to use the trailer, said: “The introduction of the trailer is strategically aligned with M&S’s climate change commitment Plan A, which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

“Operationally this solution means we can increase capacity whilst ensuring the stacking of trays remains the same as it would with single deck trailers. This is of huge benefit at depot level”.


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