System Training in plan to train 3,000 Tesco drivers

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System Training has won a contract to help Tesco train more than 3,000 goods vehicle drivers. The training company, a member of Logistics Academy North West, has been commissioned to train Tesco instructors who will go on to become driver training instructors to more than 3,000 Tesco goods vehicle drivers.

The deal is part of Tesco’s plan for training its workforce to comply with the new Driver CPC legislation, which became mandatory in September.

Drivers will also be taught safe and fuel efficient driving (SAFED) techniques to help Tesco meet its target of reducing diesel consumption by seven per cent. In turn, the proposed fuel savings will increase company profits and reduce pollution.

The initial intake of instructors recently completed the two-week driver instructor training programme, which is completely bespoke to Tesco and will give the instructors the ability to deliver classroom training to 3,100 Tesco drivers.

System Training will also provide the trainers with a toolkit to enable them to pass on their knowledge. System Training has also worked closely with Tesco to harmonise their training materials with the requirements of the Driver CPC, and provided instructor manuals and workbooks for drivers on each individual course.

Robin Brown, chief executive of System Training, said: “Our training of the Tesco instructors needed to be of the highest calibre to ensure their delivery of the programme to over 3,000 drivers is of a high quality. With environmentally friendly transport solutions high on everyone’s agenda at present, the driving techniques will not only make the Tesco drivers safer, but will also reduce their carbon footprint.”

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