Jungheinrich unveils truck improvements

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Jungheinrich has made a number of changes to its Series 4 and 5 electric counterbalanced trucks to improve operator comfort and safety.
The trucks are now supplied as standard with a choice of either Jungheinrich’s Solo-Pilot or Multi-Pilot control systems integrated into a vertically and horizontally adjustable armrest.
The trucks now all feature Jungheinrich’s Curve Control which automatically reduces the truck’s drive speed as it enters a corner by monitoring the truck’s speed, wheel position and steering angle. And standard trucks in the 4 and 5 Series now also come with an automatic parking brake that intelligently monitors the truck’s workplace.
The electric-powered models in the Jungheinrich 4 and 5 Series are four wheel forklifts with a load capacity up to 3,000 kg (EFG 425-430) and 5,000 kg (EFG 535-550). The trucks feature three-phase AC technology.

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