City Link cleans up with shower deal

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Shower manufacturer Triton has signed a deal worth more than £150,000 a year with City Link for the national distribution of customer parcels and the delivery of extended warranty mailings.

The contract follows a three-month trial period.

Graham Neve, general manager in service at Triton, said: “We had been using another delivery company until recently but they underwent a major restructure. Following this we felt that some of our service requirements were not being met.

“For us, it is not about price and who is the cheapest. City Link had many strong selling points, not least its track and trace system. This has proven to be a tremendous help to us as when we have customers on the phone asking where their delivery is we can now give them the answer almost immediately.”

* Elsewhere, City Link has signed a three-year framework agreement with Fraikin to replace its entire fleet of 222 double-deck box trailers with a new double dropframe curtainside trailer.

This replacement programme will allow City Link to fine tune its hub and spoke operation using 236 purpose-built Don Burr trailers. 

Phil Duckworth, operations director at City Link, said: “Switching to curtainsiders allows us to use larger cages which can be loaded and unloaded exclusively by forklift truck. 

“In comparison with our existing box trailers this will cut loading times by around 70 per cent, whilst also delivering further health and safety improvements as staff will no longer have to manually roll the cages on and off the trailers by hand.”

The trailer delivery has been split into two phases, with delivery of an initial batch of 80 trailers due to be completed by the end of the year. 

A further 156 new trailers will be built and delivered into service by Fraikin during 2010.

Fraikin will also be responsible for servicing and maintenance as part of the new contract hire agreement.  This will include the provision of tyres and comprehensive breakdown support.

Fraikin has also taken over the fleet management responsibility for 119 trailers previously maintained by another supplier.

All of the double-deck box trailers being de-fleeted during 2009 and 2010 will be prepared for sale by Fraikin’s in-house used asset team, with trailers ranging in age from two to six years.

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