Revolve takes hydrogen power to Copenhagen summit

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Revolve Technologies has demonstrated its hydrogen-powered Ford Transit at the Eco Summit in Copenhagen.

The company developed the zero emission Transit using a conventional internal combustion petrol engine, two of which are expected to begin operator trials with the Royal Mail via CENEX shortly.

Bill Waddell, Revolve’s business development manager, said: “We see the internal combustion engine as a stepping stone in the route to use hydrogen as an alternative fuel. The fact is that we can adapt proven technology to use hydrogen – the technology is here and available today.”

Also at the event was author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas, Tracey Smith.

She added: “The new vehicle technologies are incredibly exciting and there’s no doubt hydrogen will be part of the solution. What’s reassuring from a performance point of view is that there are no compromises in terms of performance, you really can’t tell the difference between the van running on unleaded or hydrogen, except you sit happily in the knowledge that you’ve not produced a droplet of carbon with the latter. 


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