Online collection points at shoe stores

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Retriever Logistics has opened parcel collection points for online shopping at Brantano footwear stores in Hull, Sheffield and Stockton-on-Tees.

The idea of the Retriever service is to offer a network of parcel collection points at retail outlets. The internet shoppers order their goods online and their parcels are delivered through the supply chain in the usual way, but instead of being delivered to their home address their parcels are delivered to stores that are open outside normal 9am-5pm working hours and weekends, such as the Brantano footwear outlets.

The company has developed web-based software and barcode technology to handle the parcel retrieval and communications process relating to the service and are talking to e-retailers, as well as a number of prospective collection point partners.

Head of marketing Joanne Hunter said: “There is a lot of interest in our model and once we prove the concept of our service with the Brantano pilot, it will roll out nationwide very quickly. It is a neat idea with a win/win outcome for everyone involved. Not only does it solve many of the issues around last mile logistics, generate footfall for our collection point partners, but also because it significantly reduces parcel trips up and down our motorways it is a significant win for the environment too.”

When internet shoppers orders items online, they are presented with the Retriever Logistics option as part of the online transaction process. They are asked to key in their postcode which triggers a list of collection points in their area. They select one that is convenient for them and when the parcel arrives – the internet shopper receives a text message alerting them to the fact that their parcel is ready for collection.

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