MLOG launches two storage systems

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MLOG Logistics has launched two automated material handling systems designed for small and medium volume pallet storage operations.

MCompact is an entry level automated storage system that requires around 40 per cent less floor space than a traditional forklift truck operation.

It can be integrated into new or existing facilities, and can be expanded when required to meet the future needs of the warehouse operator.

The system can typically move up to 50 pallets per hour and can be used in the storage of hazardous substances or frozen foodstuffs.

The standard module has a footprint measuring 481 sq m with a height of nine metres and can accommodate around 1,260 Euro pallets.

The turnkey system comprises a fully automated storage and retrieval machine, mobile racking and a complete control system with integrated stock management.

The number of rack locations, the racking dimensions and the floor area can all be individually configured, whilst the storage locations and load handling devices can be adapted to suit a variety of pallet types.

While MTower is a high speed system that enables throughput improvements of up to 20 per cent when compared to conventional storage and retrieval technology.

It provides storage for up to 500 pallet locations and measures up to 25 metres high.

It can be equipped with telescopic forks suitable for either single or double deep storage and typically has a throughput capacity of around 50 double cycles per hour.

It is equipped as standard with a storage and retrieval machine and pallet racking, and is supplied inclusive of integrated controls and warehouse management system.
Both the MCompact and MTower systems are compatible with all standard host systems and software standards, featuring up-to-date warehouse management system interfaces to enable simple integration with virtually all ERP environments.

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