Highways Agency signs four-year Norbert deal

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The Highways Agency has signed a four-year national warehousing and distribution contract with Norbert Dentressangle.

The Highways Agency, an executive agency of the Department for Transport, is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England.

It has a major role in delivering the government’s ten year plan for transport.

Norbert Dentressangle will be responsible for the storage of around 1,500 SKUs at its shared-user warehouse in Telford for the provision and maintenance of roadside cameras, telephones and electronic signs for the motorway network in England, including matrix signs, gantries, nuts and bolts.

It will also distribute these items to either to The Highways Agency’s regional maintenance contractors or direct to roadside projects.
Initially, Norbert Dentressangle will provide more than 100,000 sq ft of storage space, including hard standing for heavy materials and equipment, racking for palletised products and storage bins and shelving for small items.

The 3PL is also providing technical support facilities within the site for use as a workshop by The Highways Agency’s technical support contractor.
The distribution operation will involve a mix of dedicated, shared and sub-contract deliveries. Where possible, it will deliver materials and equipment direct to site on a just in time basis, helping to minimise lead times and handling and distribution costs.

Nigel Dovell, manager for The Highways Agency, said: “Their solution will support efficiency improvements in our operation, which in turn supports the efficient delivery of projects to improve the operation of and safety on the English motorway network.”

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