Damco ups container security with SaviTrak

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Damco has chosen SaviTrak – a wireless tracking intelligence service from Savi Networks –to help boost visibility and security of global container shipments.

Damco will incorporate the technology into its logistics service offerings to provide real-time, automated intelligence on the location and status of customer shipments.

The web-based system features wireless data technologies such as GPS, satellite and GPRS, and will be used to improve supply chain execution and management, operational efficiency and the security of intermodal cargo moved across all transport modes, such as truck, rail, sea and air.  

The advanced tracking features will help boost end-to-end visibility (from stuffing to unloading of a container), scheduled history records, including position (latitude/longitude) coordinates or city status updates and immediate alerts.

Jens Wessel, vice president of Damco North America, said: “SaviTrak delivers a value-added tracking service that brings new levels of automated visibility, security and safety to global shipments.”

The quick-alert functionality is designed to report issues such as when a container door has been opened, when it has passed geo-specific locations or when its integrity has been compromised.

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