Evolution Time Critical helps salvage ship

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Emergency logistics provider, Evolution Time Critical, has helped global marine salvage company Titan Salvage rescue a sinking ship and prevent an explosion onboard a disabled ship carrying highly volatile liquids.

Evolution arranged for an urgent shipment of a displacement kit and engines containing hazardous materials from Newhaven to Taiwan, so that Titan could place a displacement bag inside the sinking ship and inflate it, keeping the ship afloat.

“When a ship sinks, the effect on the environment can be devastating, as there is a real risk of the oil contained onboard floating to the surface,” said Brad Brennan, managing director, Evolution Time Critical.

“Aside from untold damage to the local ecosystem, the financial impact of oil spillages can also be very severe. One recent clean-up operation cost insurers over four billion euros. By ensuring that Titan received the equipment it needed on time, the recovery operation was able to go ahead as planned and the ship wreck was successfully salvaged.”

Titan also recently called upon Evolution’s services to arrange emergency transport for a nitrogen generator from Newhaven to Dubai. The generator was required to inert highly volatile liquids being removed from a disabled ship before they came into contact with oxygen, which could have caused an explosion powerful enough to cause significant damage to the ship and cost millions in repairs.

The shipment was to fly on a scheduled aircraft, but was too large to pass through conventional cargo x-ray machines. Evolution submitted the shipment for a comprehensive inspection using sniffer dogs, to allow it to pass strict aviation security checks.

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