Langdon increases fleet with Cargobull

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Langdon Industries, a logistics service provider specialising in temperature controlled deliveries to wholesalers, food service depots and manufacturing locations throughout the UK, has upgraded its trailer fleet with the acquisition of ten Schmitz Cargobull dual temperature controlled trailers.

The dual compartment vehicles, which provide frozen and chilled storage capacity for 26 palletised loads, will be added to Langdon’s 200-strong fleet.

Langdon specified that the trailers be fitted with Thermoking SLX fridge units, which are fuel-efficient and 99.7 per cent recyclable.

Langdon’s fleet engineer, Graham Millard, said: “Having assessed other models on the market we were impressed not only by the build quality of the Schmitz Cargobull product, but by the weight advantages that the trailers offer. Our new vehicles are robust and lightweight which contributes significantly to fuel savings.”

The trailers, which have been built at Schmitz Cargobull’s recently revamped UK factory in County Durham, have a galvanised steel chassis (which comes with a ten year anti-corrosion warranty) while the refrigerated trailer box units themselves are constructed using Schmitz Cargobull’s Ferroplast modular steel-skinned panels.

Ferroplast panels are filled with high quality expanded polyurethane foam rather than Styrofoam which means that the boxes do not absorb water if the steel skin of the unit is pierced.

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