Cargo theft rises in North America

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Cargo theft rates increased dramatically in North America between January and December 2009, according to FreightWatch International, the logistics security specialist, in its 2010 Global Threat Assessment.

However, in Europe and Asia, cargo theft rates remained largely constant or some cases decreased.

“The risk shippers face can change dramatically from region to region,” said FreightWatch chief Barry Conlon. “It is imperative that corporations understand the global as well as local risks, and take proactive measures to keep in-transit cargo secure.”

The report calculates that cargo theft costs the UK £500 million a year. The overall number of thefts last year was on a par with 2008.

Not surprisingly, given the geography of UK logistics, the highest levels of crime were in the Midlands and the central belt of Scotland.

The report said that the indications were that increased aggressiveness by cargo thieves as the primary reason for the soaring rates in the Americas while decreases in shipping and inconsistent reporting appear to impact the statistics in Europe and Asia.

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