Freightliner welcomes rail report

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Freightliner welcomes the report just published by the House of Commons Transport Committee entitled “Priorities for investment in the railways”.

One of the report’s conclusions states “The need to invest in UK rail freight is more clear and pressing than ever in the context of the UK’s climate change targets. We would expect the funding committed to the Strategic Freight Network to be, at the very least, maintained by the government in the next control period.”

Lindsay Durham, head of rail strategy, Freightliner Group, said: “We are particularly pleased that the Select Committee has recognised the importance of increasing rail freight to both the economic and environmental objectives of the UK and the key role of the Strategic Freight Network in developing a network of trunk routes, particularly from the major sea container ports”.

“Sometimes the importance of rail freight to the UK economy can be overlooked as containers don’t vote but the Transport Committee has recognised that freight by rail should be a high priority. Freight enhancements enable existing lorry journeys to be made by rail, reducing road congestion and accidents and cutting carbon emissions by 70 per cent.”

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