Walkers ups warehouse capacity with Aisle-Masters

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Walkers Transport has increased the warehouse storage capacity at its Leeds site since redesigning the layout and bringing in two specialised Aisle-Master trucks to work it.

Previously, the logistics company had been operating a VNA system before it moved to its current Morley site, and recently decided it needed to replace its old articulated trucks.

The racking has been designed to hold double-deep storage, and as such can accommodate some 4,000 pallets. Warehouse manager Chris Burley reckons that at least a third of the overall pallet capacity would be lost without the double-deep layout.

The AC electric-powered trucks are fitted with telescopic forks, which are designed to handle the double-deep storage, which the previous trucks couldn’t. The trucks feature hydraulics, easy battery access, and have 3t, 8m masts.

Lifting and positioning pallets to the inside space of high racking can take its toll on a forklift’s performance, and until the Aisle-Masters arrived, Walkers could not use the very top, 7.6m beam for double-deep storage.

The speed of operations has also improved, says Burley.

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