DHL wins £30m Petroplus contract

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Bitumen supplier Petroplus has extended its relationship with DHL Supply Chain for five years in a deal worth £30m.

DHL will handle order management, customer services and movements of bitumen at elevated temperatures, to quarries and asphalt manufacturing plants throughout the UK.

The contract was awarded to DHL following a nine year relationship, formerly with BP Bitumen for seven years; then with Petroplus Bitumen since its acquisition of BP Bitumen two years ago. 

DHL expects to cut fuel costs by £90,000 a year as well as improving sustainability. Initiatives include governing vehicles to 53mph (85kph) with gear and valve resetting to match top speed. There will also be driving and vehicle examination training as well as plans to maximise load size to enable fewer deliveries.

Peter Clement, UK logistics and supply chain manager for Petroplus, said: “DHL’s proposed combination of technical innovation and behavioural change is exactly what we were looking for from a partner.”

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