APC catches fish deal

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Cornish fish producer Kernowsashimi has signed a deal with APC Overnight for UK-wide next-day deliveries of fresh produce.

APC Carn Logistics in Redruth plays an integral role the operation and ensures produce gets to customer by 12-noon each day, regardless of location.

Dylan Bean, co-owner, Kernowsashimi, said: “We have provisional order lists for each of our customers, but until we have actually landed the fish we don’t have a full view of our available stocks. To ensure that our produce is of the highest quality and freshness, we have to work quickly.

“As soon as we know the day’s catch, we contact our customers to confirm their orders and pack and despatch each consignment. These are collected by APC Carn Logistics and then fed into the APC Overnight network for morning delivery.”

Kernowsashimi is a specialist supplier of fresh, locally caught fish, including sashimi-grade produce for Japanese restaurants.

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