Cooper SH boosts safety with NearGuard

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Cooper Specialised Handling, the UK and Ireland distributor of Konecranes lift trucks, has launched NetGuard, a safety alert system that locates the direction and proximity of objects in and around operating areas using RFID.

Trucks are fitted with four sensors which continually search for RFID tags. Tags can be fitted to numerous items, including compulsory clothing such as hard hats or high visibility garments, or onboard other mobile equipment operating in the area.

Once a tag is located NearGuard scans the area and gives drivers a visual indication of the direction and proximity of any RFID tag within range of the machine.

Alarm sounds and coloured screen are used to alert the driver. Any tags within a range of seven to 20 metres will warn drivers with an audible alarm and a yellow screen, while anything closer than seven metres will activate a second alarm and the coloured screen will turn red.

The technology can also be tailored to sensitive height areas and can be fitted to new machines as well as retrofitted to any Konecranes machine supplied with the MDL onboard computer and control system.

The NearGuard system interfaces with the Konecranes Fleet Management System that records all near misses.

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