German toy retailer automates distribution centre

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German retailer’s plans to open new distribution centre at Langenselbold in June which will use an automated sortation systems to give a throughput of 11,000 items an hour.

The automated system will use the Crisplant LS-4000CB cross-belt sorter. When the new centre is operational, items will be manually batch-picked in the warehouse and loaded into totes which will transport them to the distribution system. The items will be manually transferred into five inductions and automatically sorted, via two overhead barcode scanners, into 92 double chutes, with six additional special chutes and one chute for no-read items.

The automated system will be managed by modules from the Crisplant software suite: a sorter controller, machine controller, and a user interface which allows staff to monitor and manage workflow throughout the automated sort process.

Rolf Hamburger, head of logistics division at said: “Crisplant has undertaken a number of automated logistics projects for Otto Group companies and we therefore have a high degree of confidence in their designs and their systems.

“As this is the first automated distribution system at, Crisplant’s vast experience has been crucial in ensuring that the system will accurately handle over 100,000 different line items. These range from toys, books and children’s clothing to school supplies, maternity, sportswear and household items, with a very diverse range of shapes and sizes.”

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