Parcelforce invests in eco Mercedes fleet

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Parcelforce Worldwide has invested in a fleet 1,106 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans fitted with ECO-start technology, designed to save fuel and reduce emissions.

The Sprinters have replaced a large proportion of the Parcelforce Worldwide van fleet and will be based at depots across the UK.

The ECO-Start system, which automatically cuts the engine whenever the vehicle is stationary for two seconds and starts it again as the driver depresses the clutch, was a major factor in Parcelforce Worldwide’s choice.

Michael Anderson, Parcelforce Worldwide’s head of innovation, said: “The Sprinter ECO-Start supports Parcelforce Worldwide’s environmental policy. We’re looking for these vehicles to deliver something in the region of a five per cent fuel saving.”

The Sprinters were also chosen for driver comfort, cornering, handling and driving performance.

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