Packed with customer appeal

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One e-commerce retailer has found strong customer support for moving over to a more environmentally friendly box filler. The retailer ships nearly 600,000 boxes a year, and because the products being shipped often don’t match the exact size of the box, they need something to protect them during shipment.

In the past, to cope with such high volumes, the packaging materials of choice were airbags at decentralised packing stations. It decided to move over to Ranpak’s FillPak TT void fill system enabling all packers to have their own machine at their own dedicated packing station, bringing increases in efficiency and productivity.

It also took the opportunity to explain to customers that it had switched packaging materials from plastic to recycled brown paper and invited comments. These are a couple of the responses:

“Thank you for my order, which arrived today along with your information about new packaging that can be recycled. I very much welcome this move towards being more environmentally friendly and applaud you for doing this.”

Another customer said: “I’m just writing to say that I’m glad you are finally using less plastic packaging. The previous excessive amounts discouraged me from ordering online so the switch is very welcome. I hope you continue to phase out the use of all unnecessary and unrecyclable materials in your packaging.”


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