FP green lines

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FP International has launched two environmentally friendly packaging lines. The products, Flo-Pak Green polystyrene loose fill and Cell-O Green air cushion, form part of the company’s Green Family – the umbrella brand under which FP markets its ecological products.

Flo-Pak Green is the first ever degradable expanded polystyrene loose fill on the market. Manufactured from 100 per cent recycled polystyrene, it can be recycled and reused many times, reducing the need for energy-intensive manufacturing processes to produce new loose fill.

The second product introduced as part of FP International’s Green Family is Cell-O Green, a cost-effective, durable and environmentally responsible air cushion that offers superior void-fill and cushioning while also being lightweight, recyclable, reusable and degradable. Cell-O Green packaging is made with post-consumer recycled high density polyethylene. It is designed to be reused many times. However, once it has reached the end of its useful life, it can be recycled or incinerated for energy recovery.

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