SSI Schaefer unveils i-Pick

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SSI Schaefer has developed an entry-level, semi-automatic pick-by-light system called i-Pick, designed to boost picking accuracy. The company claims the system can increase warehouse output levels by 300 per cent compared to standard picking systems.

i-Pick features a touch-screen PC graphical user interface, which helps with configuration and set-up. SSI Schaefer reckons it’s the only product on the market that a customer can install without external support or specialist IT knowledge. It consists of a panel PC and pre-installed i-Pick software.

The system is suitable for warehouses with up to 800 products and can achieve a pick performance of 600 lines. It can be integrated into any existing warehouse management system and can be used to manage an entire warehouse, parts of it or as an upgrade to an existing pick-by-light system.

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