Cathay plan to boost cargo profitability

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Cathay Pacific Airways is implementing JDA Cargo Revenue Optimiser to help improve profitability of its cargo operation.

The system is being rolled out in three phases and is designed to help determine the most cost-effective cargo capacity and rates for each flight or route using historical data and complex optimisation algorithms.
To start with Cathay Pacific is using the system for its medium-term contract business. It will then move on to its non-contracted spot-market business. In the final phase, the system will provide the airline with real-time booking evaluation capabilities.
Vivian Lo, manager cargo sales and marketing at Cathay Pacific, said: “We started redesigning our business processes to create an integrated revenue management organisation a few years ago, improving our capabilities in forecasting, analysis, revenue planning and decision making.

“The successful implementation of JDA Cargo Revenue Optimiser is the next critical step toward achieving this integrated system, and we are confident that it will deliver significant benefits in terms of automation and profitability optimisation.”

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