Online retailer cuts delivery costs

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Online retailer Tackle Discounts has upped its sales by 30 – 40 per cent and cut delivery costs by 15 per cent, since going live with a delivery management system from MetaPack.

The software is designed to automatically allocate assignments to the most suitable carrier for each job. Tackle Discounts managing director Andrew Train says: “MetaPack has provided us with the flexibility to easily add new carriers without the painful rigmarole of setting them up.”

The retailer has also saved 40 per cent in resources, as a result of the improvements in dispatch times.

“Where we had nine or ten staff at the pack bench, we now only need six, meaning we can make better use of the remaining four in other parts of the business,” adds Train.

The company is also using the system for its international shipments, which is says has helped simplify the process. 

Train says [the system]“has made shipping so much easier, which has had a positive knock-on effect throughout the company.

“It’s easy and has made a big difference; a huge help to the girls in the warehouse – there’s now no need to separate and fill in documentation, MetaPack prints it all out so they’re less likely to make a mistake or forget something.”


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