11 Mercedes on the back of a lorry

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Vehicle distribution specialist QVD Fleet Services has taken delivery of a Mercedes Actros  2444LS capable of carrying up to 11 Mercedes-Benz saloons.

The truck started as a six by two tractor unit with small-wheeled mid-lift axle. It was then sent to bodybuilder Transporter Engineering which fitted a drawbar coupling and Evo 4 car-carrying bodywork. Transporter Engineering also supplied the new trailer with which the Actros works.

Its low cab height and a mid-lift axle with 17.5in wheels free up useful extra space for bodywork and ancillaries. Transport Engineering has incorporated additional hydraulic controls for safer loading of vehicles, ABS anti-lock braking on the trailer, a roll stability system (RSS) and the first Wabco smartboard to be fitted to a UK car transporter – this provides quick and easy access to a mass of valuable data on driver and trailer activity, including axle weights and potentially critical fault codes, information that could only previously be obtained by plugging in a laptop computer.


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