Barloworld Supply Chain Software targets Japan

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Barloworld Supply Chain Software has appointed Arrows Group as the first reseller of its CAST supply chain modelling software to the Japanese market.

CAST is designed to identify optimal distribution infrastructures for retailers’ national supply chain networks, particularly when expanding product ranges, store configurations and responding to changing demands and costs.

The software can also be used to design supply chains for overseas market expansion, home delivery networks and to evaluate alternative and collaborative sourcing strategies.

Akito Nakatsuma, managing director of Arrows Group said: “Japanese retailers have historically outsourced their supply chain management; only a minority of them have the capability to analyse their logistics network in-house. But with logistics costs, and the associated risks increasing year-on-year, the tide is turning. Japanese retailers are now looking to gain more control over their inventory.

Fraser Ironside, global business development director at Barloworld Supply Chain Software, added, “Japan represents a significant business opportunity for us…Increasing our footprint in Asia is a key part of our global expansion strategy and we view this partnership as an intrinsic part of this.”

Barloworld Supply Chain Software currently works with other partners in Asia and Australasia including Lexian (Aus) and Logistics Consulting Asia.

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