Max power from Scania

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Scania has launched a new range of V8 engined trucks including a 730hp model which it reckons is the highest power rating of any truck engine.

The new models are based on the Scania R-series which won the International Truck of the Year Award 2010.

Henrik Henriksson, senior vice president trucks at Scania, said: “The vast majority of Scania’s V8 customers buy for rational reasons. They need the performance, dependability and availability to get their job done as efficiently as possible.

“The sheer power of the new R 730 is important, but even more so is the torque rating. Having 3,500 Nm of torque on tap makes a joy out of any transport task and is bound to put a smile on every driver’s face.”

The new V8 engine uses Scania SCR exhaust aftertreatment and is Euro 5 and EEV compliant. It comes in a range of outputs from 500hp to 730hp.

Scania believes this development marks the last step in creating a new engine platform for Euro 6. “Now Scania has all the technical solutions and also the engine platform needed to fulfil the Euro 6 emission standards that go into effect at the end of 2013,” said Jonas Hofstedt, senior vice president powertrain.”


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