Music equipment retailer finds fulfilment

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Digital Village, the music equipment retailer, has chosen iForce for a five year contract to replenish eight stores around the country, provide fulfilment for online orders, and for orders placed by schools and educational authorities.

[asset_ref id=”805″]The operation is based at iForce’s  Milton Park fulfilment centre, near Oxford.

Digital Village considered keeping its distribution in-house, looking at various options to expand its warehousing to accommodate its growth.

Paul Dennis, chief executive, said: “As we came to talk more to iForce, its professional approach led us to believe that outsourcing to a 3PL was the only option for us. “It meant that we could continue to expand and there would be no limit on that expansion.”

Digital Village has a large, diverse product range: from a plectrum to a limited edition Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, a violin to a piano, a microphone to a mixing desk.

The education sector has two peaks: one in February and March when education authority budgets are spent prior to the new financial year; and the second when schools return from summer holidays in September. iForce offers Digital Village the flexibility to meet these peaks with its ability to scale its operations and staff accordingly.

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