Three new hand pallet trucks from Toyota

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Toyota Material Handling is launching three new BT hand pallet trucks:  the BT Lifter Ultra Low, BT Lifter Galvanized and BT Lifter with weight indicator.

The BT Lifter Ultra Low (LHM075UL) was developed for a Swedish retailer. It has a minimum fork height of just 35 mm, making it suitable  for applications using space-saving low-clearance and disposable pallets or load ledges, which are increasingly common in containers loaded  by conventional forklifts. It has a load capacity of 750kg.

The BT Lifter Galvanized (LHM230G) has been designed to be an economical alternative to the BT Stainless Lifter for operations in  semi-wet  environments.

The BT Lifter with weight indicator (LHM230WI) provides a estimate of load weight during the handling process without delaying the movement of goods. The indicator is +/- 20kg accurate and can accommodate loads up to the 2,300kg capacity of the  truck.

Toyota commercial director Sam Coles said: “Our approach has always been to work closely with our customers in order  to understand the market and develop new models that meet specific customer needs.”

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