Driver CPC hits operator budgets

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The training for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) is likely to put a further strain on transport operators’ budgets, according to a survey by Driver Hire at the Commercial Vehicle Operator Show.

Some 74 per cent of those interviewed thought that employers should pay for the cost of DCPC training – even though the legal obligation to arrange training rests with the drivers.

Richard Armitage, Driver Hire’s head of training said the industry saw the DCPC as a good move which would enhance the professional skills of drivers.

“However, with diesel prices at record highs and thousands of drivers to train, there’s no doubt that DCPC is an added financial burden. That may also explain why almost 60 per cent of those interviewed have made no arrangements to commence training.”

However, he said, the new skills acquired by drivers attending DCPC training might actually help to reduce operating costs.

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