TT Club launches supply chain security manual

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The TT Club, in collaboration with ICHCA’s International Security Panel, has launched a new handbook on Supply Chain Security.

It aims to define the principles of security in the supply chain and to guide operators on how to enhance value through effective security implementation. The handbook, Supply chain security – management, initiatives and technologies, not only promotes good practice but also explains why security need not be seen as an unnecessary drain on resources and can actually provide a significant contribution to the bottom line.

Ports and cargo handling terminals are vulnerable links in the supply chain from the security point of view. However, all operators throughout the supply chain are exposed to security issues and commercial realities mean that the effective integration of security regimes into business workflow is critical.

The TT Club encourages its members to adopt ISO 28000 saying that the standard offers a systematic approach to security management that can both improve operational capabilities and increase confidence on the part of customers and regulators. All businesses that are reliant on the supply chain for business continuity will benefit by adopting the sound management principles in ISO 28000.

The booklet is available both in printed form and in a web-based version, the latter providing links to further information.

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