Sainsbury’s invests in real time supply chain technology

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Sainsbury’s has announced a “multi-million pound” investment in a new real time supply chain technology system. 

The system will monitor food sales on a minute-by-minute basis, allowing delivery schedules to be updated where necessary.  Tim Goalen, supply chain director said: “This new system allows us to react to any changes in buying pattern on the same day rather than overnight, meaning we can make far better decisions on where to send stock before it leaves our depots.”

The system is expected to reduce levels of unsold food by 15 per cent, particularly because of factors such as unexpected weather which can now be responded to in good time. 

“Several times a year, shelves might be full of barbecue food for the weekend, only for unexpected rain to cause everyone to clamour for warm, hearty food instead. This new way of working will greatly reduce the risk of this” said Goalen.

The supermarket also estimates that 1,400 tonnes of CO2 will be saved by avoiding perishable foods going to waste.

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