Monday 22nd Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Dolly Parton books go by Air

Legendary singer/songwriter Dolly Parton has chosen Air Business to distribute books to children in the UK for her charity Imagination Library.

Imagination Library, part of Parton’s Dollywood Foundation charity, is a scheme to provide free books to children from birth to school, and it now distributes over 6 million books across the UK, USA, and Canada.

The charity selected Air Business to be the exclusive distributor for UK operations in February.

Doreen Mcammon,  director of operations at The Dollywood Foundation, said: “Air Business is a good fit for Dolly’s Imagination Library programme in the UK. They not only provide a full range of mailing and shipping services, but they also offered us very competitive pricing. Despite the time zone differences, Air Business provides great continuity of service and communication.”