Nightline takes on UK Pallets Irish service

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Irish delivery company Nightline has increased its share of UK to Ireland freight with a new relationship with UK Pallets.

By taking on all of its Ireland bound freight, Nightline will increase the volume of its operations but expect to offer improved service to the UK Pallets’ 80 member hauliers.

Geremy Ruffin, Nightline’s managing director, said:  “Such is the extent of our coverage right across Ireland, our security and unparalleled effectiveness in tracking parcels or pallets at every stage of the collection and delivery process that we believe we represent a considerable, clear improvement on what’s gone before.”

Freight from across the UK will go to the UK Pallets hub at Lichfield before Nightline will transport it via Hollyhead to Ireland, where it will be sorted at depots in Dublin, Belfast, Sligo, Galway, Cork, Limerick or Waterford.

Nightline already has a contract with the pallet network’s parent company UK Mail Group to deliver parcels to Ireland, and opened its first UK regional depot in Lancashire earlier this year. 

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