Conveyor Systems heats up Vaillant’s packaging lines

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Conveyor Systems has helped heating technology manufacturer Vaillant increase throughput, while simultaneously boosting efficiency and reliability.

Vaillant enlisted Conveyor Systems to reconfigure and relocate one of its three existing packaging conveyor lines, modifying its programme logistical control software to handle an additional product.

The automatic heavy duty system has been adjusted to transport a new central heating boiler on a polystyrene base to a position which allows for quick and safe packing in an 875mm high cardboard sleeve prior to banding.

The product is then transferred down an inclined conveyor to a low level gravity conveyor which is at the optimum height for applying packaging materials.

Once packaged, the load is moved on a powered roller conveyor where an automatic stopper spaces product out before continuing on to the bander for strapping. 

Product is then accumulated at the end of the line to be removed and palletised by means of a vacuum lifter.

Conveyor Systems designed and installed the system, including mechanically repositioning existing equipment and revamping electrical wiring and controls.

The project was completed over a weekend to limit disruption and maintain production lines.

A spokesperson from Vaillant’s production engineering team, says: “The packaging system is more than capable of handling the 55kg boilers and providing a throughput well above our requirement, operating efficiently and reliably.

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