Case study – Efficiency boost at Universal Silencer

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[asset_ref id=”896″]Universal Silencer reckons it has increased the efficiency of loading and unloading and enhanced safety at its Hinckley warehouse with a new modular loading platform system from Thorworld.

Universal Silencer specialises in the supply of engineered acoustic, emission and filtration solutions for power generation, oil, gas and industrial markets. There is no dedicated loading bay at the Hinckley site to allow it to receive deliveries on-site.

Many of the acoustic systems are too large to be removed from a lorry using a traditional yard ramp – as the forklift truck reverses down the ramp, the silencer would raise up, hitting and damaging the roof of the lorry. The Thorworld system consists of a Type 9 loading ramp, providing access to six raised platforms, which have been connected together to form a single structure measuring 5.9m x 7.5m.

Safety has been ensured with the installation of a wide variety of Thorworld ancillary equipment and safety aids on the platform and in the surrounding area. These include adockboard, dock bumpers, flared alignment curbs, fork and pallet truck raves, removable hand rails and a set of access steps

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