Ultra Ice signs cool contract with Norbert

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Ice manufacturer Ultra Ice (UK) has signed a frozen storage and distribution contract with Norbert Dentressangle.

The company provides its own brand bagged ice and its Shiver Ice brand to the food, retail and airline sectors.

Ultra Ice is based close to Gatwick Airport and produces some 60 tonnes of ice per day. It is currently experiencing a 24 per cent rise in demand primarily due to the World Cup and recent high temperatures.

Norbert Dentressangle makes daily collections from the company’s manufacturing facility and provides storage at its main networked temperature-controlled distribution centre at Easton, Lincolnshire.

The logistics company is also responsible for delivering product into major retailers’ distribution networks through its temperature-controlled shared-user network.

Additionally, Norbert Dentressangle provides real-time stock visibility.

Simon Minchin, managing director of Ultra Ice, said: “Ice is the single fastest moving frozen food product and requires a responsive and reliable supply chain. As the recent hot weather has demonstrated, demand for ice is also highly seasonal and we must have sufficient stock to meet extreme peaks in demand.”

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