Truck makers in talks on supply chain collaboration

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Truck makers Scania and MAN are studying the potential for supply chain collaboration – particularly in component supply and pre-development

MAN is a significant shareholder in Scania, owning 13 per cent of the shares. Another 46 per cent stake in the Swedish company is owned by Volkswagen.

Scania chief Leif Östling said: “After a preliminary analysis, we have concluded that with this kind of joint component supply there are potential synergies without jeopardising our strong brand identities and the individuality of our products.”

The companies are conducting feasibility studies in four strategic areas:

* Scania to adapt its manual gearbox for use in MAN trucks

* Scania to use MAN’s rear axle for heavy applications (36-40 tonnes) and its transfer cases in Scania trucks

* Commodities (without affecting brand identity)

* Scania and MAN to pursue joint research on hybrid components for heavy trucks and buses

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