Lift axle trailer saves £65 a trip

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S&J European Haulage reckons it is saving £65 per vehicle per trip by using double-deck tri-axle trailers with front and rear lift axles to its fleet.

The Schmitz Cargobull dry freight box trailers are being used to transport adhesives between the UK and Belgium. The double-deck design can take more than 60 pallets and enables fragile loads that are unsuitable for block stacking within a trailer to be carried two high.

The tri-axle trailers have been specified with front and rear lifting axles which remain raised if the trailer is running below fully laden. Built-in sensors prompt the front and/or rear axles to drop down as more weight is added.

Transport manager Mark Turner said: “Because we have seldom had to have all three axles down, rolling resistance has been minimised and we are achieving fuel efficiency of around 2 miles per gallon.

 “This may not sound hugely significant but in monetary terms it means cost efficiencies of £65 per trip per vehicle. The trailers are working seven days a week so that’s a noteworthy saving.”

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