Talk boosts efficiency for ferry operator

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P&O Ferries has brought in voice directed picking at its Dover warehouse to improve operational efficiency.

Head of supply chain Rob Meredith said: “The voice picking system means we are quicker to respond to customer demand, getting the right stock on board in the most efficient and effective method.”

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It also enables P&O to run a more automated warehouse and a perpetual inventory system, delivering further efficiency benefits during the peak summer months.

It chose a Zetes 3i Voice system, which supports 29 workers responsible for picking an average of 150 units per hour (up to 114,000 items per week).

Since implementing the voice picking system, P&O Ferries has seen a 20 per cent efficiency improvement and greater efficiencies through sequentially ordered pick routeing and quality reporting. Errors have also been reduced, assisting P&O Ferries to achieve its 99.5 per cent accuracy targets.

The system uses an interface from Oracle eBiz and replaces P&O’s legacy picking system based on hand held terminals and paper picking.

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