Foreign lorry tax catches the public imagination

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Ideas to tax foreign lorries using UK roads have achieved early success in the government’s “Spending Challenge” initiative.

Under the initiative, The Treasury is inviting members of the public to vote on suggestions to save money. It says that over the past month, more than 44,000 ideas have been submitted.

“We need to reduce the deficit by cutting public spending in a way that is fair and responsible – and you can help,” it said.

The section on transport contains a number of suggestions for charging foreign lorries including taxation and mileage charges which were picking up a significant number of votes in early polling.

Other proposals include:

Removal of vehicle excise duty and raise tax through fuel duty

Turn off pedestrian controlled road crossings

Stop building cycle paths

Gritting roads using detachable bodies on private haulage firms “roll off bin” lorries

Getting rid of unnecessary road signs

The various suggestions can be seen at the web site:

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