Halfords pushes ahead despite claims of supply problems

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Halfords says it is pushing ahead with sales promotions for the forthcoming bank holiday weekend, despite claims that supplies to stores are being disrupted by problems at its new Coventry distribution centre.

The retailer will not comment directly on the claims made in the “Daily Mail” on Monday (Halfords faces supply snags with new state-of-the-art distribution hub, Daily Mail, 23rd August 2010).

However, a spokesperson said its plans for sales promotions are unchanged. He also pointed out that big ticket items like bicycles, a key product for Halfords, are not handled by the Coventry distribution centre.

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Operations at Coventry have been ramping up over the past few months and it is expected to be fully operational in September.

The retailer took the 320,000 sq ft purpose-built distribution centre at Keresley Park, Coventry as part of its reorganisation plans for the distribution network.

The reconfiguration is expected to deliver annualised cost savings of more than £4m, including rent savings, transport reductions and labour efficiencies.

The final element of Halfords’ revised logistics configuration will be a single warehouse, in Redditch, dedicated to cycles. This will handle more than a million bikes a year when complete.

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