Liverpool boosts container capacity

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The Port of Liverpool’s Royal Seaforth container terminal is to have 5,000 additional ground slots in use by the end of next month.

Expansion of the terminal’s capacity follows a recent £1.1m investment in IT which has led to a 30 per cent improvement in vehicle turnaround times.

David Huck, head of port operations, said: “We have increased our stacking area by some 22 per cent, and now by the end of October we will have on stream an additional 5,000 ground slots.”

And Stephen Carr, head of business development, said: “Liverpool now records the fastest turnaround times of any UK port – with 95 per cent of truck drivers processed though the port within an hour, and 65 per cent within 30 minutes.”

“We have a long-term investment plan that delivers increased capacity in phases over the next 18 months along with the in-river Post-Panamax terminal, which will be operational in 2014.

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