NetDespatch powers Collect+

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NetDespatch has configured PayPoint terminals in local convenience stores to power Collect+, the new parcel returns and collections service.

The NetDespatch platform connects customers dropping returned goods and collecting parcels at neighbourhood stores to the NetDespatch Velocity web booking and tracking applications.

The platform allows systems integration with retailers, covering web site booking, label production, credit/debit card payment, and fully detailed tracking of parcels right up to signature capture. Data is automatically collated and stored, providing an electronic trail. 

The Collect+ service allows deliveries to be made to customers’ local convenience store, to limit missed deliveries. 

Parcels being returned are scanned at the in-store PayPoint terminal and tracked right back to the retailer.

Stores providing the Collect+ service are typically open 7 days a week, with long opening hours.  They include members of symbol groups such as Londis, Spar, Nisa Today’s and Best-One.

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