Smooth moving at GSK

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Couzens Storage Solutions has completed the installation of six 14.3m high Modula computer-controlled vertical lift storage, picking and retrieval machines at GlaxoSmithKline’s new storage and distribution centre in Harlow, Essex.

A further Modula unit has been relocated from GSK’s former store and has been installed in a refrigerated and air filtered zone.

The system has been designed to maximise floor and cube space by providing 29,127 sq ft of fast access storage in a footprint of just 2,000 sq ft.

Technology is used to instruct the picker, check pick accuracy and instantly update stock records with all the disciplines and tracking capabilities required for storing pharmaceuticals products.
Each unit is then enclosed and secured with a password.

Each Modula contains trays with dividers and containers for the storage of a range of drugs. Products of different heights are automatically stored to make the most effective use of available space.

Operatives use barcode readers linked to a mobile sliding screen to call up the required tray for picking or placing products at a comfortable working height.

The machines can present two trays, one above the other, to the picking face, with the non-current tray held clear of the working tray which is open for picking. The second tray can then replace the working tray helping to enhance pick rates and provide rapid access to stock.

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