Tools of the trade

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After moving to a new European distribution centre in Germany, Techtronic Industries chose AEB’s ASSIST4 software to help it manage shipping and exports. The company packages and ships some 25,000 parts for brands including AEG Powertools, Milwaukee and Ryobi to clients in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia and Africa.

Once items have been picked, data is transferred from the SAP system to ASSIST4 which is designed to organise, monitor and control the entire supply chain. The system handles a total of 4,000 picklines each day, creating an average of 1,000 consignments.

Packages, which weigh an average of 10kg, need to be sent quickly and accurately. IT director for EMEA Thomas Winter explains: “Any picking, packing or quantity errors would have an immediate impact on customer acceptance. That’s why it was important for us to integrate control mechanisms.”

One example is the qualified packing that takes place at the 15 packing stations where integrated scales and scanners automatically check whether the right items are packed in the right quantity.

ASSIST4 is also used to keep track of the company’s complex export requirements, handling the entire shipping process throughout Europe and internationally, and providing an electronic interface to the carriers.

The company plans to further accelerate lead times by optimising pick routes and moving to electronic pick lists. It is also contemplating faster packing options within ASSIST4.

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