Vanderlande workstation targets value added

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Vanderlande Industries has extended the PICK@EASE workstation family with a workstation optimised for customers requiring value added services in their order picking process.

This workstation is particularly targeted at technical wholesalers and retailers which handle components and spare parts. The workstation enables operators to pick between 200-550 order lines an hour, while fulfilling all the required value added service tasks.

Value added services typically include counting, packaging, labelling, tracking & tracing/serial number scanning, and weighing. To be able to complete all these tasks successfully and maintain a high performance and customer service level, workstation design is a critical success factor.

Vanderlande introduced the first member of the PICK@EASE workstation family in 2008 for customers who require high order picking performance (up to 1,000 order lines per operator per hour), such as retailers.


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